About DREam

Automatically identifying retrofit opportunities

DREam is a new and unique kind of energy auditing engine. One that is simple for you to use and easy on your wallet.

Using your own housing stock data, DREam  suggests how best you can improve the energy rating of your assets,
meet your environmental obligations, mitigate risk, leverage funding and upgrade your estate.

All impartially and without you lifting a finger.

Upload your data easily, set your targets and watch DREam do the work for you.

Let the latest cloud based technology do the heavy lifting for you.
Save time and money - let DREam optimise your budget and accelerate your retrofit journey.

Let your data provide the solutions
Achieve rapid ROI
Up to date
Stay ahead of the funding queue

What does DREam do for you?

Make intelligent SAP assumptions
DREam eases your retrofit decisions by completing your own easy-to-upload dataset with intelligent assumptions from over 250 SAP templates, Accurate data for informed decisions.
Map and Verify
DREam maps your houses into Google and embeds the EPC and SAP rating of each home. Visual verification for rapid identification of houses most in need of retrofit measures.
Group and Share
DREam allows aggregation of retrofit measures to improve efficiency and optimise funding opportunities. Faster and collaborative decision-making from housing information shared with your colleagues.
Plan and Track
DREam helps you plan improvements, keep track of them and measure them against your set targets. Spend your budget wisely and keep your tenants warm and happy.
Explore “What If”? and Prioritise
DREam lets you interact with your housing stock and impartially simulates options quickly at no extra cost. Independent from energy products suppliers, DREam has no opinion nor vested interest in the outcome.
Properties online
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Savings £


Drag and Drop

Your data cleansed, analysed and displayed back to you in a easy-to-follow format. First time users can become energy experts at a click of the mouse.

At a Glance

Cloud-based and dashboard-driven across a variety of platforms for a rich and engaging experience. Your homes are quickly embedded into Google Earth with their individual reports and ratings .


The power of the cloud makes the processing power of DREam incredibly fast. DREam will deliver results to you there and then before the kettle has boiled.


No human trying to influence your buying power. Processing only complex mathematics and algorithms means DREam is utterly impartial. Only what you need to improve efficiency, not what is fashionable to have. 


Play with your houses, see the impact of energy solutions on efficiency and performance in an intuitive way


Get ahead of the funding queue and let DREam alert you of changing energy prices and legislation. No need for you to pour over the latest bulletin. Updates are done automatically.

  • All
  • Buildings
  • Compliance
  • Councils
  • ECO
  • Full Stock Assessment
  • Housing Associations
Dundee City Council

Dundee City Council

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

With 21,000 homes across the East Midlands, Rotherham Metrop...
North Lanarkshire Council

North Lanarkshire Council

North Lanarkshire Council now have over 36,000 properties on...
Yarlington Housing Group – 10,000 properties – energy performance assessment

Yarlington Housing Group – 10,000 properties – energy performance assessment

As part of ongoing housing improvements and due to limited p...
Fife Council: 2,000 private properties – 37% resident engagement

Fife Council: 2,000 private properties – 37% resident engagement

Fife Council embarked on a private homeowner engagement prog...
Midlothian Council:  7,000 properties – Legislation compliance

Midlothian Council: 7,000 properties – Legislation compliance

7,000 properties surveyed over an 8 week period. SAP data cl...
Aberdeen City Council: 7,500 houses – 45% residents engagement

Aberdeen City Council: 7,500 houses – 45% residents engagement

Aberdeen City Council lead an initiative to help council ten...


Up to 5,000 properties
  • DREam Dashboard Only
  • Data Cleanse
  • SAP2009 or SAP2012 Calcs


Up to 10,000 homes
  • Same as SMALL, with
  • Full DREam capability
  • Online Support


Up to 20,000 homes
  • Same as Medium, with
  • Telephone Support
  • Unlimited users
  • No On-boarding Fee

Less than 5000 properties ?

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