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Dynamic Retrofit Energy Asset Management

Drag and Drop your data straight into DREam

Our unique drag and drop property importer takes the hassle out of data transition. Users can drag a csv file into DREam and watch the updates and uploads happen before their very eyes.  DREams cloud based calculation engine can multiply itself in reaction to the amount of data being uploaded, this means there is no lag or delay whilst processing data. Each property set is assessed and missing data backfilled.


Data Cleansing

DREam utilises a 3 step upload process. In the first instance DREam assesses the data contained in the csv file, where it comes across missing or incomplete data it will initiate its cleansing algorithms. The 1st pass checks the current property database to see if similar properties already exist for this street. If found, DREam will compare what it knows about the property to already known information and fill in gaps. The 2nd Pass checks the property information against a pre-set list of over 300 templates which set out the basic characteristics of typical matching property archetypes and ages. The 3rd pass utilises a set of default parameters if no matches can be made.

Each assumption is scored and the property assigned an Integrity score letting you know how reliable the data is. Within the data table view, every assumption is highlighted allowing you to quickly see where data is most reliable. The notification settings will also alert you as to the quality of your dataset.