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Achieving 42% engagement

Utilising data, imaging and online technology


IRT, in conjunction with two councils, carried out a large scale community engagement project. In total 10,000 properties were included across parts of Aberdeen, the whole of Newport-on-Tay and Wormit. Each property was thermally imaged, processed utilising IRTs Envision software and uploaded to DREam. Each house was assigned a unique access code and the owners alerted.

The visual impact of the thermal image lets homeowners understand their homes performance. Whilst envision lets them learn the impact and savings.

Map showing EPC and engagement level

40% engagement achieved


Of the 10,000 properties assessed over 4000 households logged in to see their property as a thermal image. Once on the site, users could also see their current estimated EPC rating and a range of retrofit measures suitable for their prperty along with the associated savings.

In addition to this users could update their current property information which may have become out of date. 

Options included : Wall insulation, lofint insulation levels, glazing information, boiler types, energy efficient lighting and draught proofing measures.

What next?

The DREam site logs all activity on the platform and maps the data automatically on to google maps where additional information can be overlayed (Areas of deprivation etc.). This allows the admin user to quickly assess all of the data and see who has engaged and what they did on the site.

This data then allows the admin user to visually see which areas are most likely to respond to energy efficiency programmes. Which will save the most from specific measures and who has already upgraded and more receptive to energy efficient products.

If you would like to carry out a community engagement project within your area please contact us at