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Dynamic Retrofit Energy Asset Management

Instant Mapping with EPC grades

Whenever properties are uploaded, DREam maps the information directly into google maps by colour coding the streets the same as each EPC rating. This allows users to quickly see the extent of their stock and identify regions of interest. Because we use the Google map engine users can quickly switch to Street view to see the actual property and check the location and access. IRT have also created a range of overlays which include areas of deprivation, benefit likelyhood and gas pipeline network. Each overlay can be switched on and off as required allowing informed decisions to be made quickly.


Not just a pretty picture

The mapping page isn't just a pretty picture, users can easily interact with the data by selecting regions using the polygon tool and get instant information on locations. Data can include EPC, SAP scores, Carbon tonnage potential or deprivation information.

Filters also allow the user to find the exact type of property. These can include EPC rating, Wall Construction, Loft insulation, potential carbon savings plus many many more. i.e. you can easily find E,F & G rated properties of solid wall construction requiring a loft top up.

Once regions are selected, users can easily create groups of interesting projects and save these for later viewing, target setting, reporting or sharing.