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Off gas grid mapping and why its useful


Fast easy ways to maximise funding and retrofit opportunities.

DREam now has over 500,000 properties online and live. Our cloud based system automatically cleanses uploaded data, runs SAP 2012 calculations, works out retrofit measures and savings, maps the property on Google maps and matches funding opportunities.

DREam off gas network overlay
DREam off gas network overlay

Off gas network

DREam uses the power of the cloud and googles mapping API to quickly map every property in its database and show its location and EPC rating on a street by street or house by house basis. DREam already contains 1000's of pieces of information held as map overlays allowing users to quickly identify regions of fuel poverty. This week we have launched the Off Gas Grid Network overlay which details the porbability of an area being on gas or off gas.

What is an overlay?

Whenever properties are uploaded, DREam maps the information directly into google maps by colour coding the streets the same as each EPC rating. This allows users to quickly see the extent of their stock and identify regions of interest.The overlay creates a coloured filter over the top of the map allowing users to see instantly where off gas properties lie. Because each overlay is individually controlled users can switch on or off other layers allowing them to visually see areas of deprivation and off gas properties.

How does this help?

ECO2t and other funding sources are often based on either deemed scores, achievable savings or area based. Consequently properties that have a main fuel as Electricity, in a fuel poor area and are E,F or G will attract the most funding.

Being able to see all of your stock and then applying overlays of deprivation and off-gas network allows you to pinpoint the exact areas of interest. After that you can easily filter the information by construction and insulation level.

What next?

Once a user has identified a particular set of properties they are interested in they can simply create a new group containing only these. This exclusive group can then be shared with colleagues, contractors or consultants allowing them to view only that specific information.

FREE trials

If you'd like more information or to see how your stock with mapping overlays please get in contact. We are offering a 30 day free trial for UK users.