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Top 5 features that users love in DREam

Top 5 features that users love in DREam

Top 5 Features


Our users are loving DREam and its feature rich platform.

DREam now has over 300,000 properties online with users benefiting from instant SAP calculations, mapping, target creation and reporting. With so many features to choose from we've compiled a list of the Top 5 most used and talked about.

5. Drag and Drop Data Import

Our unique drag and drop property importer takes the hassle out of data transition. Users can drag a csv file into DREam and watch the updates and uploads happen before their very eyes.  DREams cloud based calculation engine can multiply itself in reaction to the amount of data being uploaded, this means there is no lag or delay whilst processing data. Each property set is assessed and missing data backfilled.

4. Visualisation of Data

Whenever properties are uploaded, DREam maps the information directly into google maps by colour coding the streets the same as each EPC rating. This allows users to quickly see the extent of their stock and identify regions of interest. Because we use the Google map engine users can quickly switch to Street view to see the actual property and check the location and access. IRT have also created a range of overlays which include areas of deprivation, benefit likelyhood and gas pipeline network.  

3. Searching and Filtering

Once the property information is on our cloud based system users can filter quickly and efficiently. From either the map environment or data tables, users can select the exact criteria of property they are looking for. Simply use the drop down options to find all matches in the portfolio. Search examples include finding E,F & G rated Solid wall construction properties within a specific postcode which also require a loft top up.

2. Groups and Sharing

Once a user has identified a particular set of properties they are interested in they can simply create a new group containing only these. This exclusive group can then be shared with colleagues, contractors or consultants allowing them to view only that specific information.

1. Targets

Uploaded your data, mapped it, filtered it, grouped it, shared it - whats next? 

Simply take your group and create a Target. You can choose to learn how to reduce the energy, CO2, kWh or achieve compliance with regulations, meet a specific SAP or EPC rating.
Once set DREam will instantly carry out multiple SAP calcs and find the most efficient way to achieve your target. These calculations are not biased towards specific products or manufacturers and just gove you the facts you need to make an informed decision. 

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